Friday, March 25, 2011

Tues, Mar 21, 1961

52°/86°  6.22/6.32
Up at 7.25 and shaved and had breakfast of oranges, apples, cheese & coffee.  Went after May Cornell at 10.00 and took her here and we put bathing suits on and went for a swim.  Water 75°.
Home and had egg and apple for lunch.  In afternoon we had a nap.  May lay in the lounge in the yard, when a shower came up.
She walked to the back of the yard and saw a snake.  So she yelled for Tillie.  We two had a nap, so when Tillie heard May calling she ran and stepped, with her foot right on the snake, but she didn’t get excited, just let the snake go.
In Eve. had cabbage and turnips, corned beef and beets, coffee bread and coffee.
At 7.15 Gus and Elizabeth came over and we played crazy Eight and then canasta.
We took May home at 10.20.  Home and washed dishes and to bed at 11.15.
A dull headache most of day.

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