Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fri, Mar 3, 1961

67°/82°  6.42/6.22
Up at 6.30 and got Tillie off at 7.30.  Then read paper, brought scraps to Dixies dogs, had a cup of coffee there then home and finished Almas letter and had lunch of sandwiches Tillie brought home.  Mopped and dusted.
Sprayed gold on floor lamp.
Elizabeth and Gus stopped long Enough for to leave me seven crabs.  I boiled them this afternoon.
Washed umbrella with hose.
Had a half hour nap.
Had coffee at 3.30.
Watered plants.
Ed came in for a while.
After supper took a walk down 5th Ave and up 6th Ave.  Counted houses.  There are 275 houses in Monroe Heights now. 
There was 93 houses when we came here in 1955.
Ed came in at 9.45 and stayed till 10.45.  Tillie came home at 10.20.  We had coffeee and Ed had beer. 
To bed at 11.10.
Tillie says Mrs. Kennedy is very sloppy and chews her fingernails.

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