Friday, March 25, 2011

Sat, Mar 18, 1961

65°/85°  6.26/6.30
Up at 7.50 and had my orange juice, apple, cheese and coffee.  Tillie up at 9.00.  Read paper.  Swept side walk, raked yard, and watered plants.
Head still aching all the time.
After lunch laid down for a little while.
Maud Case, Audrey, Jane and Bonnie Ellis arrived here about 3.00 and we had coffee & buns.
Then to the beach for a swim.  Very nice.
Then home and a supper of beans and frankforts & papaya.  Sat & talked till about 10.00 when we all went to bed.
Heavy rain, thunder and lightning during night.  .5” rain.

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