Friday, March 25, 2011

Mon, Mar 13, 1961

65°/80°  6.32/6.28
Up at 8.00, breakfast and read paper.  Went to Ace Co and ordered cement blocks.  Then shopped in Kwik Chek and Food Fair.  Home and lunch, then went back to Kwik Check and bought Eggs.
Stopped in Western Auto and got some anchors for screws.
Home and put up curtains that Tillie picked up in Penneys.  Borrowed Toby’s Electric drill.
Ed stopped in for a while.
Had pork chops for supper.
Then watched T.V.
To bed at 11.00.
Patterson knocked out Johanson in 6th round.
Head ached every time I chewed or touched my upper lip.
Rained .55 of an inch last night.

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