Friday, March 25, 2011

Tues, Mar 14, 1961

63°/82°  6.30/6.28
Up at 8.00 and got oranges and apples and coffee ready.
Sunny and bright this morning.  Went to laundry at 10.00 and hung it up.
Then went for a swim and it has been the nicest day so far.  N.W. winds, so no big waves.  Water 76°.  Clear and nice.
Met Mrs. Howell, from Worcester.
Talked with Dixie for a while when we got home.  Had lunch on patio.
In afternoon cut grass in DeCiccos lawn.
After supper we went to Darryls lawyer and Peggy & Lars Malhemus also came, to testify in Darryls behalf, in his divorce case against Nancy.
Were home by 9.30.  Tillie brought some meringues over to Sally, as she is 51 years old today.
Had two glasses of sherry.  Sat and talked till after 10.00.
I went right to bed, Tillie got to bed at 12.00 as she was baking cookies.
I’ve had those neuralgic pains, off and on all day.

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