Friday, March 25, 2011

Thurs, Mar 16, 1961

52°/82°  6.28/6.29
Up at 8.00 and had breakfast of orange juice and coffee and some prunes.  Sunny and nice but cool.
58° at 8.00.
Tillie cleaned house while I wrote.  Went to A&P and shopped, then to Wrightsmans and picked up Edith and Signe Ohlson and went to the Beach for a swim, there stayed there till 2.45.
Home and had coffee & cookies.
Then we sat outside and talked for a while.
Tillie prepared supper of shrimp wiggle, coffee jello with ice cream.
Ed came over and stayed for a couple of hours.
After supper we took them home.  Washed dishes and listened to Groucho.
To bed at 10.50.
Head ached all day.
Even at night.  First time that happened.

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