Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mon, May 29, 1961

71°/82° 5.26/7.08
Up at 7.30 and got oranges ready, apples and coffee. Cloudy. Hoed garden and spread compost. Craig helped me.
Tillie planted some cherry plants, began raining at 10.00 and rained till 11.30.
Watched T.V. till 11.30 then I read paper.
Had toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch. Then read Prov. Journals.
Tillie worked in yard.
Rained and thundered most of afternoon. Gray sky all over.
Wrote to Eleanor Carlson and George Fuss. Went to P.O. and bought stamps.
Ed came in and stayed for a couple of hours. He had a bottle of beer while we had supper.
Then watched T.V.
.25” rain fell. Hum. 88
To bed at 10.30.

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