Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tues, May 30, 1961 – Memorial Day

70°/87° 5.26/7.09
Up at 7.45, shaved and got orange juice and apples ready and coffee going. Watched Garroway show and Miss Taylor and Exercised.
Moon rises 7.53 P.M.
Worked in yard, then read paper.
Went for a swim with Etta. Saw the Collangis down there. Home and after lunch had a nap. Then sifted compost and then wrote to Sherlie Mansfield and the Naves and Faye.
After supper we went to Harrisons and watched them play shuffle board, later had coffee & crackers and talked.
Got home at 11.45 and to bed at 12.00. read for a while.
Moon rose at 8.55 P.M. Beautiful Evening.
Hum. 54 Bar. 30.1

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