Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wed, Oct 12, 1960

73°/86°  6.18/5.55

Columbus day.  Up at 8.00 and made coffee
Tillie washed kitchen and living room windows.  Began raining, lightning and thunder at 11.00.  Rained quite hard till noon.
Picked soyzia grass and planted it.  Went for a swim at 12.30 and there were only ten persons at the beach.
It was a beautiful day and we swam out to the ball.
Home and lunch and Tillie washed some more windows.
I took the barometer apart and put in a thread that was broken.  Now I’ll see if it works.
Had a very heavy shower in afternoon for a couple of hours and we had some terrific lightning and thunder.  Let up around 6.00.
Stayed home in Eve. and wrote

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