Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sun, Oct 30, 1960

69°/84°  6.29/5.38
Up at 8.00 and had breakfast on porch.  Leonard came over and asked us to visit Pratt & Whitney plant with them.  So Tillie, Ed, Leonard, Strahen and I went out there at 10.30 and Leonard showed us through the plant.  It’s a nice plant and we saw the jet Engines being made, all the Machinery, and testing apparatus and the testing grounds about 5 miles away.  It’s a very clean nice place, with a wooden block floor.  Big drafting rooms and cafeteria.  We walked around for over two hours and didn’t see it all.
Got home at 2.20 had a sandwich and coffee, then went after Dot and Harold and went to the beach for a swim.  Stayed down an hour.
Hundreds of people on beach and in water.
Home and we sat down to coffee and crackers and cookies and sat talking till 6.00.
In Eve, sat watching T.V. till Peggy and Leonard came in with Susy.  We sat down and talked while Peggy had a beer and the rest of us highballs.
They went home at 8.30 and then we watched T.V. till 10.30 and so to bed.

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