Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mon, Nov 7, 1960

56°/74°  6.34/5.33
Up at 8.00.  It was 54° at 8.30.  I had orange juice, Tillie grapefruit.  Sunny, with just a slight breeze.
Tillie got up at 9.10.
She killed ants in the lawn for a while.  I wrote letters.
It was too chilly a wind to go swimming.  It went up to 72° at 1.00, then dropped to 68° at 4.00.
Shopped in Ten cent store and the Food Fair.  Got some presents for Maureen, Paula and Valerie.
Stopped at Jim’s and talked for a while.  Pulled some tacks out.
Home and Tillie made cabbage soup for supper.
Watched KonTiki on TV.  Ed Miller came in for a few minutes.
In Eve went to Collangis and Mr. Holmes was there.  We all went to the recreations hall to a meeting of the Riviera Civic Club and spent an interesting Eve talking about the improvement of the city.

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