Friday, October 29, 2010

Sun, Nov 6, 1960

65°/81°  6.34/5.34
Up at 7.30 and had breakfast of orange juice, cheese and coffee.  Tillie got up at 9.00.  64° when I got up.
Read the paper and then went for a swim.  Water 78°.  Stayed down till 12.30.
Home and lunch.  Then a nap.  At 3.00 we took a ride to Norton Gallery and Enjoyed the pictures.
Took a ride to see the Allebaughs but there weren’t home.
Took a ride to Palm Beach and so home.
Had mashed potatoes and Ham for supper.
About 7.15 Gus and Elizabeth came over and we played cards, watched T.V. and talked and had coffee.  They left at 11.00.
I washed disches and Tillie watched T.V., then irrigated.  I read til 12.00.  Had a drink of Blackberry wine and toasted Judy on her 21st birthday.

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