Friday, October 15, 2010

Sat, Oct 15, 1960

73°/85°  6.20/5.52
Up at 7.40 and shaved, Read paper had grapefruit for breakfast.
Dixie came over with Sheila and stayed for coffee.  Played with Sheila
After they left Tillie and I went downtown and looked at T.V. in Western Auto, Sears and then went to Waalgrens and bought some liquor.
Home and put our bathing suits on and went for a swim.  Water 83  home and lunch.
Cut grass, frond and rear.  About 7.00 went over to Jacksons and stayed there for hour or so.
Home and had grapenut flakes and apple pie for supper at 9.00
Then to bed.

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