Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thurs, Oct 13, 1960

70°/85°  6.19/5.54
Up at 6.50, shaved and got breakfast  Wrote to Naves. (?)  Tillie washed bedroom windows.  I weeded.
Read our mail then went for a swim  Stopped in 7 and 11 and got some milk
Beautiful day.
After lunch we had a nap.
Ed came over about 3.30 and we took a ride to “Fisch” and looked at T.V. sets.  Then we went to another place and looked at T.V.
Then went to Mays and done our shopping.  Got home about 6.00
After supper we listened to Nixon-Kennedy debate.
No breeze at night.  Cloudy.
To bed at 9.30

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