Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mon, Dec 26, 1960

52°/75°  7.07/5.34
Up at 6.15 and turned heat on.  Got oranges and coffee ready.  Tillie took laundry with her and left at 7.35.  Then I went in and read paper.  Cloudy in morning.  Watered lawn and yard.  Spread the manure along hibiscus.
Had buttermilk and turkey sandwich for lunch.  When Tillie came home she hung out the laundry.
Ed came over at 3.30 and stayed till 6.00.  Beautiful sunset.
Had buttermilk and cheese sandwich.
About 8.30 we went over to Collangis and stayed there till 10.00.
Nice moonlight night 1st quarter.

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