Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wed, Dec 21, 1960

58°/76°  7.05/5.32
Up at 6.30 and got orange juice and coffee.  Tillie left at 7.32.
Had heat on this morning.
Spread winter rye seed on lawn and watered it.
Two colored men cut down our slanting pine tree.  Wheeled Dixies white sand in to drive way and spread rest of sand in my yeard.  Kira helped me.
Had ham on pumpernickel.  Also a can of beer.  Read a little and then a little nap.
Very windy from south coast and dark clouds in the sky.
Tillie came home at 3.00.
Began raining about 3.00 and rained till 5.00.  Only .05 of an inch.
Ed came in about 5.00 and brought some shredded wheat for Tillie.
He and I sat here talking till 7.00.  I had baked potato and a chop and some chicken and coffee.  Ed had a beer.
Tillie came home at 9.00 and we watched T.V. till 10.00 then Tillie irrigated till 11.00 when she went to bed and read paper.  Put up Christmas candles.

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