Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sun, Dec 25, 1960

60°/76°  7.07/5.34
Up at 5.45 and got breakfast, then we opened our presents.
Took Tillie to work and then back to read paper.  Stopped at Collangis.  Had egg nog then.
Watered lawn.
Went to Lees about noon and stayed there till dinner.  Had turkey, mashed potatoes, onions, turnips, squash, cranberry squash pie and coffee.
Tillie called up about 2.30 and I went to Wrightsmans and picked her up and brought her over to Lees and we stayed there till 6.00, when we went back to Wrightsmans, Tillie went to work and I sat and watched T.V. till Tillie was through at 8.10.
Home and watched T.V. and looked over presents.  To bed at 10.30.

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