Monday, December 20, 2010

Tues, Dec 20, 1960

50°/73°  7.05/5.31
Up at 6.25 and got breakfast ready.  Orange juice and coffee.  Clear and cool.  Tillie left at 7.30, then I read paper.
She took Laundry with her.
I had chicken sandwiches for lunch with buttermilk.
At 1.00 I took a walk downtown in 35 min.  Stopped for grass seed.  Then for Electric win, then for bread.
Waited ½ hour for Tillie at the Laundry helped her with the Laundry and then hung it up.  Partly cloudy.
Read out Christmas cards.
Dot and Ray Lee stopped in just before Tillie had to leave and invited me for Christmas dinner.
Had a chop, a piece of steak, a baked potatoe and peas and coffee.
Tillie came home at 8.45.
She ironed the wash and her uniform.
Irrigated and to bed at 12.00.

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