Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fri, Dec 16, 1960

50°/65°  7.02/5.30
Woke up at 3.30 and couldn’t go to sleep, so got up about 4.00 and wrote to Dick Mansfield and read till 6.00.  Turned heat on and went to bed.
Rained .09” during night.
Up at 8.40 and Tillie was already up.  Sunny, but very windy.
Tillie made jello and cookies.
In Eve Collangis came over and we played two games of canasta.
We sent out quite a few cards today.  A negro cut down DeCiccos pine tree.  They finished a marbleized patio in their front yard, and covered their lawn with black mulch and seeded with Babaia grass seed.
In Eve. We talked with Collangis till 11.50.  Cold and still at night.
Ipswich Clams
To bed at 12.30.  Tillie irrigated.
Caught a (viper, adder) in yard but let him go.  Toby gave us quite a few Ipswich clams.

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