Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thurs, Dec 8, 1960

Up at 7.30 and got going about 9.00 after saying goodbye to Larry, Clara and Lawrence.  Charlene was gone before that.
Went up to route 90 to Tallahassee to #27 and followed that to Cross City where we got a motel for $3.60.  It wasn’t very nice.
It’s a beautiful ride up by Pensacola Bay, a bluff overlooking the boy and the road following the shore.  Pecan groves with the trees bare, oak trees, with leaves brown and red.  It looked like the fall up in R.I. except it was warm.  It cools off at night.
Tillie irrigated at 6.30.  I took a walk down the street.
We stopped a few times for a cup of coffee and also stopped in I.G.A. store and bought some bread and cheese.
It was an old Motel and didn’t look too clean but the bed was good and sheets clean.

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