Monday, December 20, 2010

Mon, Dec 19, 1960

50°/70°  7.04/5.30
Up at 6.30 and shaved and got breakfast ready.  Clear cool morning.  I took Tillie to work in morning.  ON the way back I filled up with gas in Leaks, then went to Gulf Sta. and had car greased and oil changed and new air filter put on.  Had clams for dinner.  Trimmed Dixies Royal Poinciana and carried all trimmings across the street.  Wrote cards.
Went downtown in afternoon for oranges.  Had chicken for supper. 
Constellation Fire
Watched T.V. in Eve. Till 8.00, when I left and went downtown to see the decorations and then to Wrightsmans. 
I waited in the room watching T.V.  At 9.00 Tillie was ready and we went home and looked over the cards that cards that came during day.  Two deliveries today.
To bed in north west bedroom at 10.45.  The aircraft carrier “Constellation” burned in Brooklyn Navy Yard.  49 dead and hundreds injured.

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