Monday, January 3, 2011

Sun, Jan 1, 1961

68°/78°  7.10/5.38
Up at 6.30 and got juice and coffee ready and Tillie left at 7.30.  Nice morning, but at 8.45 we had a slight shower .01 of an inch.
I had an hour nap and then got a cup of coffee and read paper.  Then cleaned up last years records.
Watered plants then wrote to Til.  Watched T.V.  Tillie came home and we had a cup of coffee together.  I also had some steak and lettuce.  Tillie went back to work at 5.00 and I watched T.V. and wrote.
We went for a swim at 3.40 and there was quite a few people down there.  The water was 73° and clear.  A west wind kept the waves down.  Just kids in the water.  Were down for 40 min.
Went to bed at 10.30.

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