Friday, January 28, 2011

Sat, Jan 28, 1961

47°/69°  7.08/5.59
Up at 8.45 and turned heat on.  Had oranges (4) half and apple and coffee and cheese for breakfast.  Tillie up at 9.30.  A cool, sunny morning.
Had the laundry done while I went to Food Fair.  Home and hung them out.  Trimmed trees.  Had sandwiches for lunch.  Only 68° at 1.00.
Began painting patio trim.  At 7.30 Collangis picked us up and we went to Mollineaux and played canasta.  The women won.
Had small crackers & cheese Angel Cake and Strawberries on ice cream.  Talked quite a lot about politics and different things.  Home at 12.30.

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