Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sun, Jan 8, 1961

60°/79°  7.11/5.44
Up at 9.00 and got breakfast.  Read paper.  Tillie had coffee in bed and read paper.
I took Tillie’s picture in the dress she had on, on our anniversary and held the money bouquet.
Nice sunny day.  Went to the beach and had a swim.  Brought home a gallon of seawater for Collangis.
Had a nice swim.  Water 75° Air 72°
Had oatmeal for dinner.
Took the Emerson T.V. cabinet apart and getting it ready for shelves.
Had bacon sandwiches with salad and coffee in Eve.
Tillie made date and nut cookies this afternoon.
Watched T.V. in Eve.  Ed was in for an hour or so.
Wrote to Helen and Bettenhousen.
Cloudy and cool in afternoon and Evening.
Just a few slight twinges in my head today.

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