Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thurs, Jan 12, 1961

66°/73°  7.11/5.46
Up at 8.30 and got oranges and coffee ready.  Read paper and worked in yard.  Started laying cement slabs from car port to back door.
Then it began to sprinkle.  After lunch laid more slabs.  Trimmed banyon tree.
Went shopping about 2.00 and then it poured for a few minutes.  Home at 3.00.
Tillie baked biscuits this afternoon.  Very good.
Stayed home in Eve and read.  Tillie worked on a pine needle hot pad.
Watched T.V. till 10.30 then went to bed and read.  Read till almost 3.00 in morning.  Still feel a twinge now and then if I happen to press my face.

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