Friday, January 7, 2011

Sat, Jan 7, 1961

60°/79°  7.11/5.42
UP at 8.45 and got oranges and coffee ready.  Read paper and went to Laundry.  Home and hung it up. 
Sunny and nice washed gray rug.
Went for a swim and water 74° 2.00 at the beach.
Home and oatmeal for lunch.  Then fixed antenna, so now we get 4.  After supper we went after Collangis and we all went to Mallineaux and looked over his new house.  It’s the best house I’ve seen.
Then we played canasta.  Had coffee, Ice cream and cake.  Sat and talked for a while.
Got home at 12.30.  Nice time.  Tillie irrigated.

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