Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thurs, Jan 5, 1961

58°/72°  7.11/5.41
Up at 8.00 and had heat on.  Got breakfast ready then read paper.
Cloudy and cool with an East wind.  Around 11.00 we went to Ace Concrete Co on Military Trail and ordered 23 – 20”x20” slabs for our patio.  Then to Kwik Chek and done our shopping.  Home and lunch.
Went for a swim but it was too rough and my head was banged into the sandy bottom.  We only stayed in about 15 min.  Water 70° and air 69°.  Home and then went to the Bazzar and bought some stuff. 
Home and a fish supper.  Watched. T.V.
Dot and Harold Larken came in and stayed for the Evening.  Mrs. Mallineaux stopped in for a few minutes to tell us it’s Sat. Eve. For canasta, instead of Friday.
We had coffee and crackers, then watched Groucho Marx.
To bed at 11.30.
Tillie irrigated.

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