Monday, January 3, 2011

Mon, Jan 2, 1961

59°/75°  7.10/5.39
Up at 8.00 and got oranges and coffee ready.
Tillie cleaned stove and vacuumed house. 
I watered yard and cut grass, swept patio and cleaned up around yard.  Had lunch of cereal & milk.
Went for a swim at 2.30.  Water 73° but a cool northwest wind blew.  Were only down for ½ an hour.
Wrote to Til today.
In Eve. Watched T.V.
Parade of Roses 1961
Watched Parade of Roses this noon.
To bed at 9.45.
Partly cloudy most of day.
Dot and Ray Lee stopped in on their way home from fishing and gave us six mackerel.  They caught about 67 fish.

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