Monday, January 3, 2011

Tues, Jan 3, 1961

52°/72°  7.10/5.39
Up at 8.15 and got oranges and coffee ready.  Tillie up at 9.15.  Electricity was off one hour during night.  Sunny and cool.
Wrote to Lin.
Had lunch of hot tomato soup with Grape nut flakes in it.
At 2.00 we went down for a swim.  The temperature was about 72° and water was 72° not many in the water.  A cold west wind was blowing so the water was calm.  Got home at 3.00 and I finished Lins letter and Tillie wrote to Frank.  Clear and sunny all day.
Tillie went over to Sallys to call up Miss Eggert and she said to come over in the Evening.  So we went over to 258 15St W. and got our 3 boxes of slides.  Its her parents that live next door to Bettenhausers. 
I felt the shooting pain only twice today though I felt it slightly a couple times when I chewed.
We took a ride to Harrisons in Eve. And stayed their til after 10.00.  Met Mrs. Mansfield there, also her daughter and her husband and their two children.
Got home at 10.45 and went to bed after the news.

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