Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mon, Jan 9, 1961

64°/72°  7.11/5.44
Up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready and read paper.  Raining hard out and has been for quite a while.  Watched T.V.  Wrote to the Leafs.  Tillie cleaning house.  Stopped raining about 10.30.  1” of rain so far.  Then it began raining and rained all afternoon.
We went to Publix and shopped.  Bea stopped in for a while in afternoon.  In Eve. Gus, Elizabeth & Mr. Holmes picked us up and took us to the meeting of R.B. Citizen Org. and Tillie and I joined.
Attended the meeting.  Mr. Fritchia Pres.  Mr. Holland V.Pr. Jeanie Wilcox secretary and Mrs. Downs Treasurer.
Had coffe and doughnuts afterwards.  37 people present.  Still raining.  1.5” by 10.00 P.M.

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