Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sun, Jan 29, 1961

55°/79°  7.07/6.00
Up at 7.45 and had heater going for 40 minutes.  Cloudy and very windy.
Tillie up at 9.15.  Oranges, apple and cheese & coffee.
Read paper and had lunch.  Wrote to Frances Parker.
Took a ride down to the ocean, but it wasn’t rough.  A few sprinkles.  Sun came out later.  We took a ride to Hilda Lindens.  Helga Halling, a friend of Hilda’s is staying with her. 
Had coffee there.  Got home at 6.30.
Watched T.V. while Eating supper.  Then watched T.V. channel 12.
I’ve felt those pains quite a lot today.  Even licking my lips I felt needle like pains going up to the forehead.
Full moon tonight, with scattered clouds.

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