Monday, November 8, 2010

Wed, Nov 16, 1960

72°/82°  6.41/5.28
Up at 7.30 and watched Garroway and had oranges for breakfast.  The oranges are beginning to turn yellow now.
Went to Sewells and bought faucet washers and then home and put in hot water faucet in kitchen.
A slight rain last night.  Cloudy Early but cleared up by 9.00.  Warm.
Went for a swim and water 76° but very rought so we only went wading.  Strong East winds.
Went to Mays and bought shrimp and chicken.
After supper we watched T.V.  Dot & Harold Larken came over about 6.35 and we watched T.V. saw “Wagon Train.”  Then I showed my latest slides.

Had coffee and banana bread crackers & cheese.
They left about 10.45.  Then I wrote in diary and watched news.
Parked car on 3d ave.

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