Monday, November 22, 2010

Fri, Dec 2, 1960

50°  6.53/5.26
Up at 7.30.  Raining for an hour or so.  Got breakfast ready and read paper.  Tillie up at 9.00 and irrigated.  I went after Collangis to ask if he wanted to go in swimming.  He said no.  Sun came out once in a while, but mostly cloudy.  It was only 60° at 10.30.
Had rice for lunch & coffee.
Cloudy then.  At 1.00 we left for bank, bought some grapefruit, paid mortgage and went to Hildas, while there it poured quite a while.
Two men were working in her bath room, plastering it.  Sun came out before we left at 3.30.
Very windy.
Home and supper.  Ed came in about 7.00 and stayed till 7.30, when we went to Collangis.
The Mollienaux came about 8.00 and we played two games of canasta.  Had cake, ice cream and coffee later.  Nice evening.
Very windy all day, showers off and on.  Beautiful moonlight night.  Got home at midnight.  Read till 1.00.

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