Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mon, Nov 28, 1960

73°/82°  6.50/5.26
Up at 7.15 and got breakfast.  Read paper.  Then we planted 17 crotons in front.
Went swimming with Gus at 11.00.  Blue Heron Blvd is dug up so we have to detour to 27th St.  Water rough and 76°.  Sat talking with Gus quite a qhile.  Home and lunch.
Had grape nut flakes and Eat them dry.  Also a cup of coffee. Nice sunny day.
Wrote to Gail and Dick & Evelyn.  Nice.  Had coffee bread and coffee at 3.30.
Watered plants.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
Ed came in about 7.30 and spent the Eve. Here.
Nice moonlight night.  Was up on roof watching it.
Mabel came in and told us that Mr. Johnson died today.

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