Friday, November 12, 2010

Sat, Nov 26, 1960

73°/82°  6.49/5.26
Up at 7.30.  Tillie at 8.00 got breakfast and read paper.  Tillie cleaned house then we both worked in front yard till 10.45, when we put our bathing suits on and went after Collangis and we all went for a swim.  Gus had his inner tube with him.
Water 77° but rough.  East wind.  Stayed down an hour.  Saw Mrs. Hauson.  Home and got a lot of cherry plants from Collangis.
Home and lunch and then a nap.  Later on we worked in front yard, digging.
Played with Denise and Craig.  Had shrimp for supper.
Then watched T.V. “Bonanza” and “The Toll Man”
To bed at 10.00.  Tillie worked on her hot pads and sat up and watched T.V. till 12.00.

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