Friday, November 26, 2010

Sat, Dec 3, 1960

Up at 7.00 and got paper and read it.  Made breakfast and brought it in to Tillie.  Sunny and 66°.
Showers during night.
Tied up banana plants.
Flower is coming out on banana plant.  Also flowers on lemon.
Went to P.O. and mailed packages.  Went to Vachon Groves Office and had then ship oranges & grapefruit to Dick, Til, Carl and Frank.
Then home and watered yard.  Sun came out nicely in forenoon.  Had french toast at noon.  Sent some X-mas cards.
Tillie made molasses crinkles.  Went to store and got oranges and dried beef.
Home and heard Dixie had been in hospital with nervous breakdown.  Looked after Sheila while Nancy went to her home.
Tillie washed her hair.
Had nice supper.
To bed at 9.00.  Tillie irrigated in Eve.

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