Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thurs, Nov 10, 1960

70°/83°  6.37/5.32
Up at 6.30 and watched Classroom.
Had orange juice for breakfast, cheese and coffee and two figs.
Read paper.
Cloudy and a slight shower for a few minutes.
Wrote to Dores this morning.  Tillie picked weeds.
Went for a swim and were down there 1 ½ hours.  Partly cloudy and water full of sea weed.  They are putting in the lifelines and balls today.
Tillie found five cents on the beach.  Home at 1.30.
Brought home a plank.  Put 5.00 in bank.  Went to Hilda Lindens and sat talking with her for a while, then we had coffee & cake.
Sat on patio and talked and Mrs. Howell came over and sat with us for a while.  Left about 5.20 and went to Kwik Chek and shopped.  Home at 6.30.
Listened to Huntley Brinkley, then had supper.  Later on watched T.V.
Nice and warm all day.

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