Monday, November 8, 2010

Sun, Nov 13, 1960

69°/82°  6.39/5.30
Up at 7.15 and read paper shoveled sand on lawn and in back.  Oranges, cheese & coffee for breakfast.
Went for a swim and met Mr. Ferraris at the beach.
Home and lunch, then a nap at 2.30 we left for W.P.B.
Stopped at the Palm Beach Post-Times new building and we went thru it.  Had coffee, doughnuts & sandwiches.
It is quite a place.
Afterwards went to Russell Allebaughs home on Pine St. in Lantana.  Lillian was up in Melbourne, so Russell was alone.  Talked with him for a while then went to Ray Lees.   (?) was there, he came yesterday.
We looked over his small trailer and I think it is very good.
Left about 8.30 and went home.  Had soup for supper, then watched T.V. till 12.40.  It was “The Razors Edge” by Somerset Maugham, with Gene Tierny, Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter and Herbert Marshal.  Very good.
Car parked on 3d Ave.

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