Monday, November 8, 2010

Mon, Nov 21, 1960

63°/81°  6.45/5.27
Nice cool morning.  Up at 6.30 and watched Classroom till 7.00, then watched Dave Garraway show while I got breakfast ready.  Read paper.  They are still filling and rolling the street in front of our house.
Began digging up 3d Avenue this morning.
I began spading up front of our lawn, while Tillie defrosted refrigerator.
Went swimming at 12.00 were home at noon.
Wrote to Joan this afternoon and gave her our glogg recipe.
76° water, 76° air.  Nice and sunny wind East.  Seaweed in water.
Croton Plant
Home and lunch.  Transplanted some crotons also zoyzia grass.
Wrote to Walter Gay.  Tillie worked on pine needle hot pads, while watching T.V.
To bed at 10.45
Saw the new crescent moon.

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