Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thurs, Aug. 24, 1961

Up at 7.00 and had my orange juice, peach, cheese and coffee. Cloudy all morning then heavy rain. After a light lunch we went to Dicks. Regginald was there as Linda was sick in bed (?). Gail was up there, too, watching T.V. Reggie helped me take the canoe off and I left it there.
Then we drove to East Greenwich, looking for Clifford Johnsons’s place but couldn’t find it. Stopped at Police Barracks and inquired, but couldn’t get any information.
So we drove to route #102 turned right and went home by way of #2. Bought corn. Bulletin was all wet from the heavy rain.
In Eve. Irene & Arthur Sandberg came over and gave us some babys breath. Showed slides later on, both his and mine. Had coffee apple crisp and ice cream. later on had coffee.
Lin went over to Virginias around 6.00. Sandbergs left about 11.00.

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