Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thurs, May 18, 1961

72°/91° 5.30/7.02
Up at 6.45 and read paper. Sifted compost and spread it. Tommy and Nancy came over and helped me. Watered plants.
Went to laundry and hung it up. Then went to beach for a swim. Water 80°. Moon sets 10.41.
Home at 12.10 and had oatmeal for lunch.
Went to Kwik Chek in afternoon and shopped.
In Eve. Gus and Elizabeth Collangis, Frank Holmes, and Frank and Edna Mollineaux came and we played samba.
Had potato chips, date nut bread, banana bread, crackers, cheese, sour cream dip, cream cheese & olive dip, coffee and ice cream.
Played till 1.00. The Mollineaux are leaving for their Long Island home on Saturday.
We got to bed at 2.00. The Harrisons stopped in for a few minutes.

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