Friday, May 27, 2011

Tues, May 23, 1961

70°/94° 5.28/7.05
Up at 6.15 and shaved. Had my breakfast and Tillie was up at 7.15. Listened to Garroway.
Took the car to garage and had wheels aligned. Sunny and nice.
Used Ettas car to bring Mr. Straker to Lake Worth to get his car, which has been painted. We took him down and left him, then on the way home. We stopped at A&P and at Vachons and got mangoes.
Tillie and Etta drove me down to Randalls Auto Shop and I picked up my car. They two went shopping.
Then home and we went to the beach and got home at 2.00. Had lunch and then a nap. Till 4.00.
Watered lawn and sifted compost. Eggplant for supper. Watched T.V.
Wrote to Judy.
To bed at 9.30. Tillie at 11.00.
Bar. 29.99” Hum. 60%

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