Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun, May 21, 1961

68°/96° 5.28/7.04
Up at 7.15 and had my orange juice, apple, cheese & coffee.
Seldom any pain in my face yesterday. None so far today.
Read paper, swept yard. Tillie cleaned up house.
At 11.00 Mabel, Etta, Tillie and I went to the beach where we met Ferraris and we swam for a while then took a walk, took a swim again then lay around for a while.
We had a nice time.
Got home at 1.00 and had lunch.
Lay on porch for a while and dozed while Tillie irrigated.
Anne & Felix Ferraris arrived about 4.00 and we sat on patio, had hors D’ouvres and a couple of drinks - orange juice and Vodka. Showed him our yard.
They left around 6.00.
We watched T.V. for a while then to bed at 9.30.
Got up at 10.30 and watched T.V.

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