Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mothers Day - Sun, May 14, 1961

69°/85° 5.32/7.00
Up at 7.30 and began squeezing oranges and preparing pancakes. Tom and Anna got up about 8.00.
I made pancakes and got table ready. Then we had breakfast and sat talking till about 10.00 when we went to the Bazzar and looked around there. Then we went back home and Tom and Anna continued on their way to route 441 and 301.
We put our suits on and went to the beach for a swim and there we met Ferraras and walked the beach with him.
Then home and lunch. Later on went to Hildas and had coffee there and sat talking with them for a while.
There went to Lee where we sat talking, till about 6.20, about their trip. They are supposed to leave next Sat. morning.
Then went to Ferraras, in the Tropicana apartments, #117. And met his wife and we sat talking there over a couple of drinks.
Stopped at Royal Castle and had two hamburgers and French fries home and a cup of coffee and to bed.

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