Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mon, May 8, 1961

74°/83° 5.36/6.57
Up at 7.30 and had my orange juice and coffee. Tillie up at 8.30. Then watched Shepard, the astronaut arriving in Washington and getting a medal from the president.
Beautiful day.
Still pains in my head when I first begin to chew or when I press on my upper lip.
Changed tire on car.
Went for a swim with Etta and Etta for an hour.
Home and had coffee and cookies.
A little after 1.00 we went to Johnsons and I drove their car and went to Palm Beach and drove them around to Worth Ave. where we walked around for a couple of hours then took a ride to Wrightsmans and stopped there to see the lawn and ocean.
Then past Kennedys to the end of the road. Then back to the Poincian Playhouse and then around the Towers and then back.
On the way home we stopped at Lake and the women bought some liquor. Then home to Johnsons where we had a couple of drinks.
Then home and supper of eggs and bacon and salad and coffee.
Then watched T.V. Tillie had a nap. About 8.30 Gus and Elizabeth stopped in and we sat and talked till about 10.00.

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