Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fri, May 19, 1961

68°/86° 5.30/7.03
Up at 8.00 and Tillie at 9.00. Sifted compost and watered.
Went for a swim at 11.00 with Ebba. Saw Gus and Elizabeth there.
Home and Tillie baked biscuits and cookies.
Moon sets at 12.24.
Then went to Hilda Lindens and met Hildas brother and his wife and we had coffee and Mrs. Howell and her father came over and sat talking for a while.
Then we went to say goodbye to Dot and Ray Lee and see their trailer packed. Mrs. Hall was there.
Sat and talked with them for a while, gave them some biscuits and cookies.
Left about 5.00 and went home and over to Etta Johnsons, where they had a party. All the neighbors were invited. There were Dot and Harold Larken, Peggy and Leonard and Ed, Sally and Toby, George and Elaine, Irene and Charlei Edna, a redhead, Betty and her husband George and an old Swedish lady, Tillie and I. So we had a nice feed. I had two drinks of bourbon and a bottle of beer and we sat talking till 11.00. Nancy and Tommy were over for a little while and Mabel and Owen were there too. Home and asleep by 11.00.

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