Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fri, May 5, 1961

68°/88° 5.38/6.55

Up at 7.00 and had my breakfast. Tillie up at 7.45.
Beautiful morning.
Changed tire on car.
The astronaut Shepard was first into space and landed in the designed spot and Helicopter picked him up. The carrier “Lake Champlain” carried him back.
At 11.00 we went fishing with Dixie and Frank in Frank’s car to #703 at the bridge of Little Lake worth. Dixie caught a fish then Frank caught two. Tillie caught one, but threw him back.
Had our lunch there. Nice weather. Home at 3.00 and I cleaned fish then went for a swim for half an hour. Home and had a nap.
Ed came in for a while. We had fish for supper with a lettuce and apple salad.
Then watched T.V. Tillie worked on hot pad. I wrote in diary.
Have the pain in my head when chewing.

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