Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sat, May 13, 1961

69°/88° 5.33/7.00
Up at 6.45. Tillie 7.45.
Beautiful morning. Read paper.
Went for a swim and when we got home at noon, Tom and Anna Murphy came in.
So we had dinner together and in afternoon we took them for a ride around Palm Beach. Took them past Wrightsmans as the president and his wife are staying there. The Wrightsmans are in N.Y. but Kennedy brought their own chef.
Home and had a nice supper of ham and potatoes. It began to rain hard about 7.00.
The Collangis came after us and the Murphys washed the dishes while we went in Collangis car to Mollineaux where we played samba.
Had cake and ice cream, cheese and crackers and candy and coffee.
It was 1.15 before we got home.
The Murphys were sound asleep.
.6 inches of rain.

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