Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mon, May 15, 1961

65°/86° 5.32/7.01
Up at 7.00 and had my orange juice and coffee. Read paper. Tillie up at 8.00. Watched T.V. and then we done Taylor’s exercise. Wrote in diary.
Cleaned engine. Waxed new bookcase. Watched “Price is Right.”
Went for a swim at 11.30. Brought home sea week. Had egg and breakfast food. Sunny and warm.
Had a nap after lunch.
Sanded table frame and small table and gave it one coat of black paint.
Cut grass in back yard. Tillie trimmed bushes.
Nice, warm day.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
Tillie got to bed at 12.30.
My headaches are getting worse. It hurts whenever I eat.

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