Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun, May 7, 1961

76°/88° 5.17/6.56
Up at 7.30 and after breakfast I read paper. Went to beach at 10.45 but we only waded as it was too rough. We left at 11.30 and went home, shaved, had a light lunch and then we went to wrightsmans and picked up Edith and brought her and her suitcase to the R.R. Station the Seabird. She got the 2.18 train for N.Y. We took her T.V. set with us.
Then we went to Hilda Lindens. Stayed there till 5.10 and got home at 6.00. Had a banana and corn muffins and coffee and then watched T.V.
The DeCiccos were out, so kiki barked all evening.
To bed at 11.00.

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